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Cattle Girls Part 1 (FFf+, kidnap, nc, hum)

By Molly S

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    FFf+, kidnap, nc, hum

    This story contains traces of ws and scat.

    It contains material that some people may find


    This work is a piece of fiction.  The author

    does not condone any of the actions herein.


                     CATTLE GIRLS


Erin watched as Karric idly lay back on the sofa with

one of the slut girls munching away at her pussy only

popping her head up to 'encourage' the little wench

with her riding crop.  Erin was getting kinda bored

and frustrated watching day time TV with Karric

moaning in the background only punctuated by the odd

whack, whack, whack.

"Karric, hunny.  I'm so bored.  We really ought to

round up a few more of them sluts girls."

Karric appeared not to have noticed.

"Karric, KARRIC!"

"What!  Leave me alone wouldya.  Can't you see I'm just

not in the mood for that.  It's so much effort."

"Arn't you bored of these girlies hun.  We've had them

for so long.  I need something new to get me hot."

Karric roughly pulled the little slut girls face away

from her pussy.  It was covered in sticky juices, sweat

and some of Karric's menstural juices.  She thought

that was such a pretty sight.  Karric gave the little

slut a long hard stare which put fear into the girls

eyes.  The slut trembled in her grasp.

"Aww diddums, are you getting boring little one?  Not

hot any more?  Does Aunty Erin not like your hot little

mouth no longer?"

The slut's heart was racing.  She didn't want to be let

go.  She didn't really know what happened to little slut

girls when their usefulness was over but she could tell

it wouldn't be pleasant and she sure as hell didn't want

to find out.

Karric gave a her a cold icy stare and said, "Get Me

Off Now."

The slut couldn't get her face back into Karric's pussy

fast enough.  She sucked, licked and probed for all she

was worth.  Karric held very still.  The slut girl was

getting all panicky, she didn't really know if she was

doing a good job.  Soon the slut was frantically

slurping away.

Erin gave Karric a disapproving look.

"Ok, ok, we'll get some fresh meat already!"  Karric

pushed the slut away.  "Go stick your head down the loo

and diddle yourself with the bog brush."

Erin sighed as the slut scampered away to the loo.

"You'll wear her out you know with your silly little


"Aww, she's my favorite one of all time.  She's so

good with that mouth of hers.  That's why I love

tormenting her so much. "

"Don't I know it.  I wish you wouldn't bring her to

bed.  One of these days we should get a king size."

"I like her in bed.  I like her sucking me to sleep and

now that it's getting cold it's nice to have her

curled up at the bottom of the bed to keep my feet warm.

She's very useful."

"For your birthday I'll get her lips permanently sewn

onto your puss."

"Ha ha, anyway you want to get some new sluts, maybe if

you find a nicer cunt I'll stop using that one so much.

What was her name again?"

"Anyway I was down town the other day and I sa..."

"What!" exclaimed Karric.  "heheh you were downtown?

What were you doing there dear Erin.  Visiting the

_Sex_ _Shops_ again."  Karric was rolling around

giggling.  She knew Erin didn't like to be teased about


"Shurrp, it doesn't matter why I was going there.  I

saw there's a new influx of strays.  Probably some

prissy posh schoolgirls from Enton.  They've camped

out in the old bingo hall."

"Oh Erin baby!  It's like they've handed themselves to

us on a plate.  That's my old stomping ground.  How

many were there?"

"I guess half a dozen."

"We'll have em all then."

"You think?  We've only got three cages left.  Ah,

they'll just have to share.  I think they'll be glad

of the company."

"You know I think it's better if they share.  They can

practice making each other cum so they'll be better for

us.  Mistress Ann was trying that thing out on her

slave girls.  She makes them 69 each other for like

12 hours a day."

"How did she manage that then?"

"She gets Albert to stand by them and they get whacked

if they stop.  That red head cunt's got a really tasty

pussy.  The other girls face was literally sopping with

her juices the other day, her hair was all soaked

through.  I got a good taste, Mmmmm."

"But back to our own conquests dear.  We should make a

plan now.  You can be in charge since you know the

area.  What's the best shot?"

"Heh, funny you should say that.  I got given a

tranquilizer gun and I had Joe set it up for humans.  We

could go in there and round them up like cattle."

Erin gave Karric a really big smile.  She was getting

all horny at that thought.  She really liked watching

her prance around in her cowgirl outfit.

The girls spent the rest of the evening sorting out the

details of the raid.  You wouldn't have thought Erin

and Karric would have been a good match for each other.

Erin, on the whole was quite reserved and serious.

Karric on the other hand was usually wild and playful,

but she was also very competent and professional when

she needed to be.

The plan was quite simple.  They would stalk the

building to find out what was going on inside and wait

for the girls if necessary.  They really wanted to be

sure they got them all.  There's nothing like a stray

girly from a group to cause trouble.

Then they'd play with them.  No amateur would have

taken the risk that the girls would take. They'd have

done something safe like waited for all the girls to

be asleep before either picking them off one by one

or chucking a sleeping gas canister in.

Karric and Erin on the other hand were experienced and

could afford to play a little.  They'd go in with

lassos, cattle prods and tranquilizer guns and round

the girlies up like cattle.  If things went really well

they'd round them all up conscious.

They talked for a long time about all the exciting

things they'd do to their new toys.  Both girls had

been playing with themselves and the living room smelt

of sex.  It was past one in the morning when they

decided to call it a day.


Erin sighed as she entered the bathroom to find

Karric's favourite slut's pussy sore from being rubbed

with the bristly end of the bog brush and her head down

the loo.  She was rubbing herself very very slowly

trying cause herself as little discomfort as possible.

"Ok dear you don't need to do that thing with the

brush any more."

Erin took the brush from the slut girl and inserted

then handle into her anus.

"Oh Karry will you ever learn to look after your toys!"

she thought to herself as the squeezed in behind the

slut to piss all over her head.

Erin left for the bedroom but briefly paused at the

door, smiled to herself as she smiled sweetly at the

slut with her head down the loo and said.

"Flush it yourself dear."


At the bingo hall the little prissy little school girls

were being watched.  Erin looked over to where Karric

was crouched down where she couldn't been seen by their

prey.  She looked so very cute in her cowgirl costume.

Erin had her matching costume on.  They made a pair.

"Six girls, all from that posh girls school.  They

think they're bad asses but they're running out of cash

and they've realized they're in the shit.  We got here

just in time.  In a week or so they'll either be

running back to mummy, or in some whore house."

"Erin, they're all really cute"

"Yep, they are indeed.  I can't wait until they're

bouncing up and down on my strap on."

"OK, let's go over the plan.  We'll wait until those

two go to sleep like they do at ten.  When one goes

to the bathroom we'll jump her the get her out of the

way.  There'll be just three to round up.  The other

two will wake up after a while then we'll get 'em."

Karric and Erin waited.  They were patient.  If they

were going to get their prize of six fine head of

cattle, they'd have to wait until the time was right.

They watched and waited.

The school girls were having an argument.  Times had

gotten hard for the group.  They had left their convent

school with big plans.  They'd get away, they'd find

a cool place to be and get up to bad things.  The

reality was different.  They slept in this dilapidated

bingo hall in the scummiest part of the city.  Their

clothes were dirty and they had nothing to eat.  They

needed someone to blame and it was the person that led

them here.

She sat in the corner of the main room.  The once

proud and vivacious girl was crouched in the corner.

The other five stood around her.  She was nearly in


"They complain about their ring leader but they'll

still follow her," whispered Erin.

"Yes, we should make it a priority to capture that one.

Then when we have them all we can degrade and humiliate

her in front of her gang, make her beg and snivel at

our feet so her loyal subjects loose faith in her and

end up all alone and they'll be easier to control."

"You're sick you know that."

"Hey it's true, when have you ever wanted to follow a

girl who prances around with a cattle prod up her bum?"

"Shhh, they'll hear you."

They spotted that the two girls who usually went to

sleep early were twins.

"Twins!" cried Erin.  I've always wanted a pair of

twins.  I'll have them done up with matching brands."

Erin's hand was busy in her underwear.

The other three girls were an assortment.  One of the

girls looked like an athlete.  The other one looked

like the brains of the group.  She looked like a geek

trying to be tough.  The last girl was all girly.  She

still carried around her teddy bear.

"You can have the twins Erin.  I want that one with the

bear.  She looks so sweet I could lick her all over.  I

can't wait to have her hump all over that bear of


"These are good for a round of cattle.  We have those

twin toys, the pony girl, the humiliation slut, the

sex kitten and I dunno what we'll do with the geek.

She'll be the most interesting one to play with.  We

couldn't ask for better."

Soon the twins went off to sleep.  They waited a while

until the geek girl went to the loo.

"Let's do it." gasped Karric.


Erin and Karric dropped down through the suspended

celling in the bathroom.  The geek girl was sitting on

the toilet with her skirt down and her knickers around

her ankles.  She had taken her glasses off and put

them on the sink.  She was so shocked she didn't know

what happened.

One minute she was taking a piss and the next two

people were in the room.  It didn't feel like one of

her gang, but she couldn't really see them properly.

Before she could cry out to alert the others Karric

had the geek girls knickers in her mouth and Erin had

the girl strapped to the loo with duct tape.  Karric

finished off by cuffing the geek girls hands behind her

back and she was all strapped neatly to the bog.

Erin and Karric stood back to admire their work.

"Not a sound my dear."

"Excellent job," cheered Karric as she mashed her pussy

into the geek girls face marking her with her scent.

"Let's get the others."

"Hold on," said Erin as she lowered her panties and

took her turn to masturbate on the geek girls face.

"Come on, stop thinking about your clit we got some

gals to catch."

Erin poked her head round the toilet.  The three

remaining girls were having quite a heated argument.

They were already pulling each others hair and slapping

a bit.  That was good, the twins would find the yelps,

shouting and screaming Karric and Erin would cause not


"You athlete, me leader.  The cute girl shouldn't

cause too much hassle," said Erin and she was gone.

Erin crossed the room like a panther.  None of the

other girls noticed her at all.  She paused very

briefly and her ears perked up to sense where Karric

was.  Without breaking her stride she sensed Karric was

in position and she struck.

Erin swung the lasso and let it fly towards the leader.

The girls were so disorientated at first they did

nothing.  Karric had lasso'ed the athlete and they

both pulled the girls away to separate them.  As they

hit the ground the girls reacted.

Erin's lasso had strapped one of the leaders arms but

the other was free.  Erin pulled in the rope, swinging

the almost captive girl around to disorientate her.

Karric's lasso had dropped right round the athlete

girl pinning her legs around her knees.  The athlete

dropped to the floor and tried to struggle away.

Karric braced the rope against a pillar and pulled the

athlete towards her taunting her with the electric

cattle prod.  She pressed the button for dramatic

effect causing a blue spark to fly out the end of the


The cute girl was screaming at the top of her voice and

she was crying.  Once she regained use of her mind she

saw her two friends struggling at the ends of the

ropes.  The cute girl was so frightened she ran towards

a filing cabinet, climbed into one of the drawers and


Erin pushed the cattle prod into the leader girl and

pressed the button.  She convulsed in the pain and then

dropped to the floor breathing heavily.

"Strip," commanded Erin.

The leader just looked at her incredulously."

"You will strip now," she stated.

The leader spat at Erin and quickly wished she hadn't

has Erin pressed the electric cattle prod into her

belly and pulled the trigger.

"Ow ow ow," cried the leader girl.

Erin stared at the leader girl and gave her that look

that said "do it now".

The leader girl looked away in defiance.

Erin jumped up and crashed down onto the leader girls

body.  The leader girl was no match for Erin and

wouldn't have been able to get her off even without

the lassoo around her.  Erin grabbed the leader girls

hands and pinned them to the floor.  Erin pushed her

pussy into the leader girls face and pressed down hard.

"Mmmpphff Mmmpphff, you're suffocating me!"  cried the

leader girl.  Erin clamped her thighs around her head

and gripped hard.

"My my reckoning you've got about a minute to be naked

before you suffocate."

The leader girl thought about it for a moment but after

some seconds she realized she was going to die and

quickly, but clumsily undressed herself.  (Clumbsy?

Well yes.  Have you ever tried to take your clothes

off with some girl straddling you?)

Karric on the other hand had the athlete in control.

In her usually psychotic manner Karric has scared the

girl shitless.  She pulled the girl over to her and

the poor athlete stayed very still as Karric tore her

clothes off with a knife.  Once the girl was naked she

put up very little resistance and Karric pushed her

into the corner of the room.


Karric walked back over to the cupboard where the cute

girl was hiding.   She had somehow managed to climb

inside a drawer and close it from the inside.  Karric

opened the drawer a few inches and jammed it with her

foot.  She stuck the cattle prod in between the gap.

The poor girl couldn't escape or retreat.  She

squealed as Karric poked and teased her with the


"Do you know what this is sweetie?"

The poor thing's face was red and wet with tears and

she had that delectable look of fear.  She nodded.

"Do you want me to use it on you?"

She clutched her teddy bear and frantically shook her


"Are you sure now, it wouldn't be too much trouble."


Karric pushed the prod against the girls crotch and

rubbed her with it.

"Countdown to lift off!  Five, four ..."

The girl realised what was happening and first went

wide eyed with fear.

"... three, two ..."

She started to panic.  She went mad trying to free

herself from the drawer but the drawer wasn't much

bigger than she was and Karric's foot stopped it from

opening.  All she could do was helplessly wriggle,

writhe thrash and scream.

"... one"

The girl let off a blood curdling scream.  But Karric

hadn't actually turned on the electric cattle prod.

Karric burst out laughing and continued to molest the

girls crotch with the prod.

"Oooh, look at this Erin.  Cutie pie here's done a

naughty in her panties."  Karric had teased the girls

skirt up and her knickers were wet with pee.  Karric

stood over the girl laughing and she blushed in


Erin had the leader naked with the athelete.  She

pointed the tranqulizer gun at them and they both

squealed with fright.

"Stay." was her order, and they did.

Erin went after the twins.  Erin tied the top of a long

rope to a cupboard and pushed it to the stair well.

She estimated the drop to the bottom floor and measured

the right amount of rope.  Then she crept into the

room where the twins were sleeping.  It was dark.  The

twins were sharing a bed and the still have their cute

little uniforms on.  Erin crept into the bed.

In their sleepy haze the twins didn't notice that it

wasn't one of their gang creeping into the bed.  Erin

only spent enough time to clip the karrabiners attached

to the rope to the girls belts.

Erin left the 'bedroom' door open and went back


"Karric, it's showtime."  Erin broke the banister and

pushed the cupboard down the stairwell.  The rope

attached to the cupboard went taught and pinged up as

the slack was taken out.  As the cupboard fell it

pulled the sleeping twins right out of bed and they

flew across the room landing in a heap at Erin's feet

as the cupboard smashed on the ground floor.

Erin cut the rope and dragged them over to the leader

and athelete.

In the meantime Karric was still taunting the cute girl

with the cattle prod.

"Karric stop messing girl.  Help me get these cunts

into the van," shouted Erin.

"Ok dear I'll be right over."

"Hun, listen to me," whispered Karric to the girl in

the drawer, "I'm going to help your friends out now but

I'm going to leave you in your little home.  When I

come back I want you to have poo-poo'ed your pretty

panties or I'll use the cattle prod on you OK?  Now

tell me what you must do."

"I-I-I've g-g-got to p-p-poo my p-a-ants," she


"I like you.  You're my new toy.  We're going to have

lots of fun together."

Karric slammed the drawer shut and dragged another

cupboard against it to lock the girl in.

Erin loved the control she had over the girls.  She had

managed to get 5 tearaways cowering in the corner of

the room.  She had them under her power.  Even without

being restrained they sat there obediently.  She rubbed

her pussy right there in front.

"Don't worry girls, you will all get a taste."

Karric droped the tool bag and all the cattle girls

jumped.  In short order they were put into a chain

gang, gagged and blindfolded.  Karric went over to the

girl in the drawer and dragged her out.  When she

regained her footing Karric sensed she was about to

make a run for it.

"Don't Run," commanded Karric.  The girl froze.

"Bend Over."  The girl knew the score.  She was about

to be inspected.  She was so thankful she had followed

her orders and messed herself.

Karric patted the little bump on the back of her pants

and smiled.

"Good girl.  You've done well.  It's a bit squishy


Karric straddled the girls head clamping it between her


"As your reward you may entertain me by smearing it all

over your ass."

After the bump of poo had been distributed all over the

girls buttocks Karric bound the girls arms behind her

back and placed a hobble on her ankles.

"My special girl can have a special gag."  Karric

removed her panties and shoved them in the girls mouth.

Erin lead the chain gang down to the van and Karric

brought up the rear dragging her new plaything along by

the hair.

Erin drove the van and Karric sat in the passengers

seat with her new toy in the foot well, face against

her crotch.  Karric took the panty gag out of the girls

mouth and put it on her head like a hat.

"Look up at me darling."

The girls eyes peered up at her between the leg holes

of the panties.

Karric lifted her skirt and pushed her pussy against

the girls mouth.

"Do you know how to make me cum sweetheart?"

Her new pet shook her head 'no'.

"We'll you've got the until we reach home to work it

out or the bear gets it."

She forced the pet girls head into her pussy and said

"Get Me Off."


                     CATTLE GIRLS


               (in order of appearance)

                    Karric  SHELLY

                      Erin  LOU

               Little Slut  CANDICE


                   (c) 2003 MOLLY S


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