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     The orphan boys were roused from their sleep by flashlights and whistles. Sometimes the bright overhead lights in the dorm were turned on, shaking the boys from dreams of safety, comfort and love. But this time it was the flashlights and the whistles some of the "Counselors" wore around their necks. The boys in this particular dorm were nine to thirteen years of age. It took some time for some of them to shake off sleep. It was the only comfort they had in their entire lives and they selfishly clung to it. But they knew when the whistles blew, they had no time for personal concerns. When the whistles blew, they hopped to it.  

     In this case, they jumped from their hard narrow beds and slid their feet into their sandals which stood neatly on the floor next to them. Then they quickly lined up and stood at attention at the foot of the beds. They wore nothing except tiny underpants. That was not only what they slept in; that was also what they played in, worked in, studied in, lived in. All they ever got to wear was one pair of tiny underpants. The little boy briefs were of various designs. One boy sported "Spiderman" underpants, another little boy had bright red ones. Since these and the sandals were the only possessions the boys were allowed, they became very possessive and paranoid of them. Sometimes boys fought over a pair of underpants, the winner taking the pair he wanted and leaving the loser with the old torn or unwanted pair. Twice a week the boys washed their underpants. 

    The boys stood at attention, their thin pale little boy bodies looking ghostly white in the glare of the flashlights. Mr. Katchurin the twenty-six year old counselor for this particular dorm walked quickly up and down the aisle between the rows of beds. If a boy looked too sleepy, Katchurin would stomp on the little boy's foot with his boot, or he would reach out and grab a boy by his nipple and tug and twist. He needed the little shits to be alert. But not too alert. The clients liked the boys disoriented and frightened. They seemed to get aroused by the sleepy look int he faces and eyes of the little tykes. 

       One eight year old boy had been dreaming of his mother, and now he sniffled and tried to hold back the tears and snot running from his nose. katchurin grabbed the kid by the ears and lifted him off the ground. "What the fuck is the matter Ivan, fucking little sissy boy?" But the little boy just kept crying and his nose kept running. "We can't have this. The nice gentlemen who have come to see you don't like messy little boys with their noses dripping snot!"  Katchurin dropped the eight year old and grabbed the hair of the nine year old standing next to him. He dragged the nine year old over by his hair. 

     "Here, Misha, lick the fucking snot and tears off of Ivan's face! Do a good job. Make him presentable."

       "EEECchhhhhh. Why do I got to? Why me?"  The cute nine year old in his tight little Spiderman web underpants briefs twisted his face into a expression of disgust. "Why not Pytor, he's Ivan's "boyfriend" anyway!"  The other boys in line laughed. They loved Misha's courage and spunk. 

       Katchurin didn't. He hauled off and slapped the boy hard.  "Because I told you to do it!" Now he held both boys face to face. Making an even more disgusted face, Misha leaned in and extended his tongue. He licked the tears from Ivan's cheeks. Ivan whimpered. He knew he would later get beaten by the older boy and blamed for this whole thing. 

     "Lick the snot from under his nose!' katchurin said, feeling his dick thicken in his trousers. Misha groaned and swiped his tongue through the goop hanging from the younger boy's nose. Like always, after the first few tastes of anything awful, he got more used to it, and it wasn't as difficult.  He licked Ivan's face clean.  

      "Now line up and listen. We have some very important gentlemen come to see you tonight. They love little boys and want to take some of you on holiday with them. Who knows, some of them might even adopt some of you permanently, if you are particularly good and do what you are told. I expect you all to be on your very best behavior, and I expect you to follow orders with enthusiasm." 

      You could hear the little boys breathing in the dark dorm room. The thing they hated most in the entire world was when gentlemen would come for them. You would think they would jump at the possibility that they might be adopted and taken from this horrible place. But in fact, horrible as it was, the orphanage was paradise compared to what they usually faced when the "clients" came to take them. 

      One boy whimpered, and Katchurin spun and raised his boot to kick the little kid right in the tiny bulge in his underpants. The boy wailed and crumpled to the floor. Katchurin grabbed the kid by one ankle and lifted him off the floor. Dangling there, the boy screamed in fear and pain. 

     "I said, I expect you all on your best behavior," the muscular counselor yelled in his deep masculine voice. "Because little Alexander here is a cry baby, I will not let him visit with the nice gentlemen and maybe get adopted and taken to a beautiful house with a new mommy and daddy. No, I will keep him in my room to entertain me! And to punish him for being a bad boy, I will shove my flashlight up his little asshole!"  The boys knew this was not idle boasting. We would do that. He would shove the large three battery flashlight up the little boys tiny asshole. Katchurin tucked the crying seven year old under his arm and held him there, dangling. 

     "Now I want you cheerful and happy. Show our clients what a wonderful life you have here. After all, you could be dying on the streets! We feed and clothe you. Well, we feed you anyway. Garbage and dog food, it's true, but still, enough to survive. All right now, quick march out to meet our guests." 

     Some of the little boys were still blinking and rubbing the sleep out of their eyes. They turned and in two lines, their sandals shuffling along the cold stone floor, they marched out of the dorm and into the main hallway of the huge Russian estate now turned orphanage.

     On the way to the main salon, they passed Katchurin's room. He opened the door and hurled the still crying Alexander in, the tiny boy hitting the stone floor hard and sliding. You could hear the crunch and scrape of his little naked body. katchurin chuckled and shone the light from the flashlight briefly on some of the toys he had on a long wooden table in his room. Alexander saw them too. Whips, dildos of ever conceivable size, a car battery with wires attached, vodka bottles, candles, a box of old fashioned hat pins, thumb tacks, heavy duty industrial paper clips, knives, metal shish kabob skewers, razor blades, a bottle of some kind of acid, mouth spreaders, speculums, handcuffs, sealed jars of yellowed animal and human sperm, jars of piss, and other delightful objects graced the counselor's room. 

     Katchurin who was a handsome devil, cocked his head to one side and laughed. Then he shut the door and locked it. The boys kept marching. They marched into a high ceilinged salon. Even in the salon, the lighting was not good. The overhead lights were left off, and instead a large spotlight, the kind you might find on a police car, was trained on the boys as they entered. Masculine laughter filled the room, and the smell of vodka. Many people wrongly believe that vodka is odorless, but this is not strictly true. Live with vodka all your life, and you know the smell. It's a smell like gasoline.  It's bitter and turns the stomach. This room reeked of it, or rather the six gentlemen standing in shadows reeked of it. They also smelled of caviar.  The boys grew more frightened. Now they stood in a kind of clump, some of the kids seeking to hide their pale almost naked bodies behind others. The light played up and down their fragile bare forms. They squinted and some closed their eyes. Some tried to smile and look cheerful as ordered, but most could not hide their confusion and fear. 

     "Here they are, gentlemen. Who could refrain from loving a boy this cute? Which of you will take home a new son tonight? And the nice thing about our orphanage is, tomorrow you can bring him back!" Everyone laughed. Well, all the adults laughed. "If you don't have time for that, you can even rent a son by the hour and spend quality time with him here, in our luxury Romanov estate! Have a look!" 

      The men moved out of the shadows. Two were older, in their late fifties. They were corpulent and balding. Two were in their forties and very thin, one with the hooked nose of a bird. He moved like a bird too, with quick fluttering gestures. Two were younger in their late twenties or early thirties. They all had one thing in common. They loved boys. I mean, they loved boys! One of the younger ones was very very handsome, and in fact he was a well known Russian television actor. 

      The clients approached the boys. They sorted them like chess pieces, the pawns to one side, the potential knights and kings to another. Too skinny, too hollow eyed, this one had a bad cough, probably T.B....wait, wait! Here was a treasure. Big innocent eyes, delightful shaggy messy brown hair, an angelic face filled with fear. Nice thick cocksucker lips, slender smooth porcelain body. Good little titties. Put him to one side. So they went through the boys. The felt their shoulders, their flat little tummies, their necks. Some brushed their hands over the boys' nipples, and some were even bold enough to cup an underpants clad ass globe or a little lump of boy dick and balls. 

      Over half the boys were dismissed. Contrary to what you might think, they were not overjoyed by this. They knew they would be punished for being rejects! They sullenly shuffled back to their dorms, some of them unable to hold back tears. The boys who remained looked nervously from side to side and tried to smile. 

    "All right boy's, off with the underpants!" 

    The boys hated this part. It was almost worse than the actual abuse which would follow. To be treated like some kind of animal. There was something so inhuman about it. 

    The boys peeled down their underpants by the harsh glare of the spotlight. They also stepped out of their sandals and kicked them to one side. Now they stood totally bare assed naked in front of the clients. The floor here was covered with an ancient remnant of carpet from some bygone era, so at least their naked boy feet were not too cold. Still, they curled their toes in trepidation, and one or two boys nervously scratched the back of one calf with the toes of the other foot.They were naked and on display. Not a single boy covered his newly exposed genitals. That would have been unforgivable. They had been taught. "YOU NEVER COVER YOUR DICKLETS AND SACKS!" So they stood, awkwardly, hands at sides, or nervously scratching at neck or arm. Their tiny pricks were all shapes and sizes. Some of the twelve and thirteen year olds had nicely developed cocks, while some of the younger ones had little pickles no larger than a finger. There was even a smattering of prick hair around the dicks of a few of the older boys. Not rough, wiry pubic hair, but that soft silken prick hair that a boy first develops. Some of the boys had nicely dropped balls, with beautiful smooth skinned fuckbags already hanging and wobbling when they moved. Other boys had little nuggets. The clients became more discriminating now. They eyed the fuck tool and sack of each boy. This would be a major area of entertainment for them. Some might want to watch the little boys fuck other boys. Some might want to watch the little ones fuck little girls. Some might want to bite and chew one boy cock and balls while the child writhes in pain. Some might want to see a little boy copulate with a dog or a pig. Some men kept the boy they paid for and raised the kid as an actual pet, kept on a leash or in a dog house. For whatever reason, the dicklets and sacks on the boys were important. 

   But not as important as something else. "Turn!" Katchurin barked, and the boys shyly turned their backs to the light and the clients. This brought their beautiful young boy asses into view.  YES, THIS WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT! THIS WAS THE MAIN EVENT. GORGEOUS PRE-TEEN  SMOOTH SKINNED, BOY ASS! Stunning pale ass globes with deep boy cracks. The light played up and down the row of boy asses. 

    "Superb!" one of the older clients remarked. "Look at the shape on that one! You only get that with young boy ass! Once they get older, that disappears, and cunts never have it. They have that ugly pair shaped ass that revolts one."  

    "Perfect high tight little round boy asses!" Katchurin encouraged, like a  car salesman." Please, gentlemen, feel free to feel free!" 

     The men moved in now to feel some boy ass. The grabbed and squeezed. They compared ass cheek sizes and the depth of cracks. The boys had to hold very still while they were mauled and manhandled. The young television actor lifted the face of a nine year old to look into his eyes while he fingered the boy's ass, sliding a digit between the ass globes. "Do you want to come play with me?" He asked with a salacious whisper. 

    "Yes, please," the boy responded as he had been taught. But his terror showed through, and the actor loved it. 

    One of the middle aged thin clients took a boy ass globe in each hand and squeezed, lie he was feeling melons in a store. One of the older men, concentrated on a boy's nuts, rolling them in his hand and gently pinching them.  The other young client squatted in front of one of the youngest boys and gently took the boy's tiny penis between two fingers and started to masturbate it. The boy made the cutest sounds as the fingers rubbed his dick skin. 

    The actor released the ass of the boy he was examining and still holding him by the chin, he opened the boy's mouth. He forced three fingers deep into the kid's mouth, checking his gag reflexes. 

    "My cock is almost ten inches, quite a bit for a boy to take. Even a big boy like you. I want to make sure I can get it all the way down your throat." 

    The boy's eyes filled with tears, but bravely withstood the prodding fingers. 

     One of the older men took two boys of seven and eight and faced them toward each other. 'You two, tongue kiss each other. Let's see how good you are!" The two little boys moved in to each other and started to kiss. They opened their mouths at once and sloshed spit from mouth to mouth as they had been taught. The older man watched then carefully. He was a regular here, and he often enjoyed taking two boys at one time. He reached down and placed the little kissing boys' hands on each others tiny dicks. "Frig those. While you kiss, you frig each others' dicks." The two little boys began to clumsily masturbate each other. 

    It was time for katchurin to step in. "Gentlemen please, one would think the merchandise had already been paid for by your actions. A bit of discretion, I beg you"  He gently and politely moved the clients away from the boys. 

    "Can we see their cunts?" The second middle-aged man asked. He had not as yet mauled any boys.

    "Most certainly. Can't expect you to buy without seeing what you are buying. Boys! Show your cunts!" 

     Some of the boys could no longer control their tears and were freely crying now. The men seemed to enjoy that. The children turned their backs again to the spotlight and then, spreading their thin little legs, then bent over from the waist. Reaching back, they gripped and spread their young boy ass cheeks. Their pink little boy assholes came into view. 

    "Some of them are not virgins of course. I mean how could we run a business like this and maintain virgins? Still, every cunt is promised to be as tight as a virgin cunt. We make the boys exercise their cunt muscles every day to give the absolute best possible fuck. You will swear you are fucking virgin boy pussy. Their young cunts will grip your pricks like you have never known. Their tight ass pussies will milk the sperm from your pricks, we guarantee it. Those of you who are returning clients, know it."  Katchurin smiled. He was proud of the boy pussy at the orphanage. He himself tested the boys to unsure really tight rectums and ass lips. "And yet, tight and virginal as they seem, you may feel free to shove anything up them that your heart desires. Fist fucking of course incurs an extra charge. But it is moderate, I assure you. Most moderate. If you've got a friend, double fuck the boys in any way you choose. Keep those assholes open boys, show the nice men your cunts!" 

    Bent over with legs spread, the boys showed their cunts. 

    'Now if you are willing to pay the price of course, the young blond on the end there is a virgin. Never been ass fucked. He's sucked dick of course, but never been ass fucked.  And the tall boy in the middle has a virgin ass if you can believe it. I know, why does such a beautiful boy of thirteen still have a virgin pussy, you are asking? Well, he came to us only last week, and we have been saving him for someone special. That special adoptive parent who might truly appreciate tight virginal thirteen year old boycunt. Look at his skin,  flawless. Look at that beautiful innocent face. Why, he's only sucked the dicks of our own counselors. And just enough to teach him the formalities. And let me tell you, he is one excellent dick sucker! Aren't you, Kolya?" 

     Thirteen year old Kolya nodded and smiled, tears running down his cheeks. 

      "And look at the asshole on him. Tight pink pucker. Angelic, isn't it? Beautiful. Imagine being the first to shove your fat dick up that boycunt.  Imagine him squirming and squealing impaled on your big fucking cock. Heave non earth, right? Am I right? " 

       The boys were instructed to once again stand at attention facing the clients. 

     " Four of the boys here can  produce seed,  two others are right on the cusp of providing their first batter, and the rest, can dry cum of course, but as of yet, they are innocent of producing cock slop.  Boys, frig yourself a bit for the gentlemen." 

      And so the orphan boys were forced to stand there masturbating their penises for the leering clients. They looked so cute, some jerking with expert style, they were of an age when they masturbated constantly. Others watching the older boys to learn how best to jerk their little pricks. 

      "The boys who can cum are made to masturbate hourly during the day without cumming. We want them nice and horny for you. They are forbidden to cum without permission. Look at the fine dicks on those bigger boys. Show our guest your dicks, boys. Take your hands away for a moment." 

       The older boys removed their hands to reveal throbbing pink erections, one or two of them leaking. Their nicely formed balls rolled in their smooth hairless sacks. One of the boys actually seemed proud of his dick. He stood there with his hands on his hips, smiling. A long string of pre-fuck hung from his pisshole. The actor was most impressed. He lunged forward and scooped up some of the hanging slime and then brought his fingers to his lips to taste it. 

     "What about piss and shit? Have the boys been trained?" 

     "The boys will do whatever you ask. However we have not exposed these boys to too much toilet training, as we know how much you love to teach them proper toilet service yourselves. I sweat that they will comply without protest to your most disgusting suggestions." Katchurin laughed."If some of you require an already trained toilet pig, we do have those in every age range, but not in this room at the present time. Let me know, and I'll fetch them. No? Everybody happy? Ready to make your selections?"  katchurin made a subtle signal with his fingers  for the second youngish man to step over to him. While the other clients examined the boys for one last time, he whispered to the young customer. 

     "That boy you were interested in, the auto accident amputee is ready for you. He lost one arm in the accident, and we of course removed his other at your instructions. He is as helpless as can be."

      "And still a total virgin, mouth and ass?"  

      "He doesn't even understand what sex it yet!" 

      "Good. I can't wait to see him. And I may decide to have his legs removed as well. I want him totally dependent on me for everything. 

      Katchurin smiled. 'We aim to please. I can take you to him now, or you can play with one of these boys first for a while." 

      "I think I'll skin the cream with one of these first. How much pain can that little dark haired one take?" 

      "How much pain can you deliver?" 

      And so it went. Another night at the Orphanage. 

       But there is a happy ending to this story. The television actor was so happy with his thirteen year old orphan, that he kept him, and the two of them became lovers. Of course their was only a fifteen year old age difference, which is nothing when it comes to love. It was a bit more difficult for eight year old Ivan when his lover was a fifty-seven year old man who loved torture and toilet games. But fortunately, boys of that age are adaptable,  and his new parent was a patient although stern teacher. 

       After getting his clients settled, katchurin returned to little Alexander, whose screams filled the corridors of the old mansion all night long.

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